Design & Build

York University

European Roofing Systems (“ERS”) has specialised in undertaking Design & Build (“D&B”) contracts since its inception in 1993.

ERS’s attitude has always been one of:

  • Cooperation with the client, the contractor, the professional advisers and suppliers to ensure the most efficient solution is obtained prior to the contract’s commencement
  • To quickly resolve issues as and when they arise during the building phase. 
  • The partnering approach, whilst not unique to ERS, enables the experienced staff to have maximum input into the design phase of the contract. 
  • The ERS team can analyse the suitability of the selected materials to ensure optimum performance for each individual building and we understand the implications of using preferred materials on the overall building concept.
  • ERS has the experience and the expertise to contribute an enormous amount to any D&B project and would welcome the opportunity to prove this point to any interested party.
  • Wherever possible at design stage, ERS promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials which can be recycled.